Tustin Ranch

Tustin Ranch is an upscale community located in the city of Tustin, California in Orange County, California. The Tustin Ranch was formerly a citrus ranch prior to the 1980s before its development. Today, you will find no citrus ranches on the Tustin Ranch plan, but almost all of the community streets are named after components of the former ranch.

The plan called for the creation of 7,000 residential units, from mansions to apartments to accommodate the great variety of residents living in Orange County. The community falls within the Tustin Unified School District, and currently includes four schools within the ZIP code. Nearly all the communities within Tustin Ranch surround the Tustin Ranch Golf Course, an 18 hole championship level course that was named Orange County’s Finest Golf Course. The 165-acre property winds through the foothills of the communities, and is dotted with several man made lakes.

The Tustin Market Place is on Jamboree Road in the heart of the Ranch. The shopping complex is home to 120 shops, stores, and restaurants, and is the major regional shopping district for the ranch.

source: wikipedia.org

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